Sunday, 13 May 2012


Flash floods has killed at least 5 people in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi on Sunday morning, May 13. Heavy rain caused river Mtkvari to swell that swept through several districts of the capital. According to latest reports heaviest damage was taken at Tbilisi’s Ortachala district where 5 people died. Electricity was cut off for several thousands of Tbilisians, and according to the official sources 8 villages are isolated in Georgia’s Dusheti region. Here’s a video that shows what was on air on Georgian TV channels while the rain and flood was sweeping Tbilisi > ONLY RealTV and Maestro channel has a LIVE review from the scene. Finally I also sent information and pic above to the BBC WORLD and just a moment it's one foreign media only, which spreads information first about us

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Two country with it’s culture and one strange common?

Few days ago I sent a request to one English girl on facebook. I have had a desire to open a friendly communication with her.

Several hours later I got a message: "I don’t know you please do not message me"

Amazed and sent a letter to a mate whose mind was very needful for me. Later received a message on my mobile phone: “The thing is, girl get a lot of requests from guys they don’t know”.

At least in my opinion was that “I like her and want to have friendly relationship!”
Despite this don’t send any kind of messages to her again.

Once, I have seen this kind of posting on my wall
“George. Please don’t try and add my family members on facebook, it is weird and creepy. Also please do not try and contact me again. I am blocking you on facebook.”
said Mrs. unknown, 25, Brother of this girl.

I didn’t tried to abusive Mrs. unknown and for more his sister.

2 days long had a concern and needed satisfactory answer about that.

So then I asked advice one another friend from England: “I didn’t expect such an indignation from Mrs. unknown. Do you have an opinion why did he reacted such a bad way?”

“Ahh I don’t think he meant it in bad way, I think he’s just being protective of his sister and that’s what English people are like. Don’t worry about it, you’ve done nothing wrong.” she said.

I calm down!

Girl blocked me and her brother erased me from facebook.

Last of the story concluded, that the Georgian and the English guys had a one in common – protect your sister, when someone likes her!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Caravan without camels

Concupiscence to travel or Love of the Music ?

How to travel Sparrow Middleton, Jeff Sevier, Freja Friborg and Matt Foy around the world and why they decide to do it - see in my small film!

Andy Garcia / Tamta Sanikidze

Click and see !!!

How to the Presenter of a news edition (Tamta Sanikidze) tries to oppress other channel correspondent and what kind of reaction has Andy Garcia

Tamta Sanikidze from "IMEDI" TV (Anchor of the News edition)
Nino Lashkhi From "Rustavi2" channel (Correspondent at "Good Morning Georgia" Program)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

London taxi in Tbilisi

It's on the Meter is a World Record breaking 30,000 mile expedition from London to Sydney with a London Black Cab. The team, Paul, Leigh and Johno, will journey world's most beautiful places in a classic London Black Cab named Hard Hearted Hannah. They hope to smash the Guinness World Record for the longest ever taxi journey

The group left London on February 17, 2011. The legendary taxi trip will finish in eight months